Our Story

Hi there friends, both old and new. We’re the Websters, Steffan & Trenae. We’re your typical young couple who met walking their dogs in their apartment complex (insert cheesy but oh-so-adorable *awe* here), fell in love and got married. We were instant best friends…I would wait for the daily knock at my back apartment door because Steffan just happened to notice my car was home from work and we would walk our lab and newfie together. They would play in the dog park as we would sit on the human bench and slowly over time, that friendship got closer, and so did we as we sat on that bench. After about 9 months…I know, that’s like the speed of light in the millennial generation, Steffan got down on one knee (for about a second because he was so sweet and nervous) and asked me to marry him, to which I said a resounding yes, amid the tears of course. Our lives at that moment seemed like everything was going on the “right” path: meet, fall in love, marry, get another dog (yes, three now), buy a house, and then…babies. But were we in for a surprise. This blog is for us to share our story about how life has many challenges along that way that you may not be looking out for…we certainly weren’t, but that doesn’t mean life can’t be wonderful and crazy and messy and just amazing despite the hiccup that is infertility. We hope this blog touches your lives as much as it helps us share our experiences throughout this journey.

*Disclaimer: Often times infertility and adoption fall on the shoulder of the women, but men, you are not alone in this. Steffan and I both share our own set of challenges; we believe that’s part of the reason we were meant to meet. We will be writing this blog from both the male and female perspective and from time to time, a combined perspective.

Comments and questions are welcome always. We will do our best to answer, although we’re along this ride for the first time! We hope you’ll join us.